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Norvic Demolition Offers The Best Demolition Services All Types of Residential Projects in the Las Vegas, NV Area. 

Norvic Demolition performs demolition and site restoration for all types of residential projects. From single-family homes to apartment complexes, Norvic provides a turnkey solution for your demolition needs. We work with the city, state, county, and federal authorities to safely remove residential structures that have become a hazard. We recycle the majority of refuse through our sister company Lunas Construction which is the largest Dumpster Bin Rental Company in Las Vegas. 

Norvic Demolition has successfully demolished many residential dwellings. We will handle everything, from the demolition permits, utility disconnections, and the complete clean-up and grading of the lot. We have the correct equipment to demolish any residential structure safely and will take care of the residential demolition job in a professional and efficient manner, total demolition, or selective.

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Commercial Demolition

Norvic Demolition Offers The Best Demolition Services All Types of Commercial Projects


We value transparency at our Residential Las Vegas Demolition Company. Here are some commonly asked questions from our customers.

How much does residential demolition cost?

It varies based on the type of demolition that you’re requesting.

Can I do residential demolition myself?

Potentially! It depends on the type of demolition. However, it’s never recommended. 

Do I need a permit for residential demolition?

Most of the time, yes. 

Do we have asbestos?

An asbestos survey is required before any demolition. If you do have asbestos, we will have it removed before proceeding with the demolition.

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