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Norvic Demolition In Las Vegas Has The Most Affordable and Cost Effective Demolition

About Our Demolition Company

By salvaging scrap metal, wood, asphalt and concrete, from the demolition site, Norvic Demolition is able to save you money on the overall cost of the project. Not only are we saving you money, but we are also saving the environment by repurposing these construction materials.

The list of benefits goes on when you choose Norvic Demolition in Las Vegas, we create value where, previously, none was thought to be. Plus! We will handle the waste and debris removal in the most cost effective, legal, safest and most efficient manner possible. We have years of experience performing demolition in Las Vegas. 

We can anticipate what the job will entail based on each of our customers needs, and we have the qualifications and professionalism to handle any demolition job you have, regardless of size or quantity of material being removed.

Our training and education shows in our employees: not only will we get the job done promptly and properly, but we will also ensure that you have a safe environment to work in and around. Norvic Demolition in Las Vegas has a large fleet of vehicles, and an array of demolition equipment and machinery that is specialized, with attachments for us to complete even the toughest demolition jobs.

What We Can Do


Partial Interior / Exterior Tear Downs

A partial interior or exterior tear down in Las Vegas involves the removal of a wall or the surface elements involved in an interior or exterior remodeling.


Complete Interior / Exterior Tear Downs

A complete interior tear down is akin to gutting the structure so that only the exterior is intact. A complete exterior tear down is the complete demolition of a structure. Lunas Construction can provide removal.


Parking Lot

A parking lot demolition in Las Vegas is the the removal of the concrete and asphalt that the parking lot is comprised of



Similar to a parking lot demolition, driveway demolition in Las Vegas involves the removal of all asphalt and concrete in any given driveway length.

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